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Understanding Penis Volume - Measuring The Whole Size

It's all too often a fact, that sometimes in life we see only what we want to see. We focus on the bad things and not the good. When it involves matters of size, this becomes especially true.

When we look at our penis we normally view it as a two dimensional object. Our eyes focus on the two key attributes of length and girth. Likewise, when we talk about penis sizes, whether big or small, it's usually done in the context of his length or girth. This view is inadequate. In order to get a more complete picture, we have to look at both length and girth – combined together. The best way to do this is in terms of volume. Moreover, measuring in volume allows men to measure with one number (cubic inches), instead of two.

Measuring the Whole Penis

So why is it necessary you may be wondering to look at the penis as a whole? Consider two guys with exactly 5.5” of Length and 4.5” Girth – approximately 8.86 cubic inches**. Suppose both of these men exercise their penis to make it bigger. One man gains one inch of length, while the other gains one inch of girth. Which man is bigger? They are surely not the same. . .

Starting Stats: 5.5” X 4.5” ˜ 8.86 cubic inches

Length Gainer Post Stats: 6.5 x 4.5 ˜ 10.47 cubic inches

Girth Gainer Post Stats: 5.5 x 5.5 ˜ 13.24 cubic inches

The guy who gained an inch of length is now approximately 18.2 percent bigger, while the guy who gained an inch of girth is now approximately 49.4 percent bigger. The girth man increased his penis size almost three times as much as the length man! Two sizes which seem very similar are in fact very different. Only using volume to calculate the penis size do we see the whole three-dimensional picture.

Now, this does not necessarily mean you should throw away your length routine and focus completely on girth (although many women and men suggest that girth is the true matter of size). It simply means that thinking in terms length and girth combined (volume) is important when exercising the penis.

For more proof on the importance of volume, take the case of a man who started out with 6? X 5? and gained .75? X .75?. The .75? X .75? doesn’t sound like a lot, but he actually increased his penis size by nearly 50 percent!

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