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Trading The Fat For a Bigger Penis!

Members Posts:

It's been four months now since I started doing my penis workout routine, and I decided it was time to send you an update report on my progress so far. Before I started, my penis measurements were 5.6 inches nbpel (none bone pressed erect length) and 7.4 bpel (bone pressed). And 4.9 inches msg (mid shaft girth).

My new stats after training for just over four months are now 6.8 nbpel - 8.5 inches bpel and 5.3 msg. It would appear as though there's a fairly big gap between my bpel and nbpel. This is due to the extra weight I'm carrying around my fat pad.

Although I've been aware of this difference in measurements for some time now, it never really occurred to me that I could easily increase the visible size of my nbpel by losing some weight. So I figure that by dropping at least 20-30 pounds of excess weight I've gained over the last year, I should hopefully see a minimum gain of at least one more inch.

I decided to approach some of your other members in the forum about their penis enlargement results, mainly to see whether weight loss played a major role in seeing gains. Most of the men I spoke to have made some impressive gains since they started training. Some of the feedback I got confirmed that weight loss can certainly increase your NBPEL. But unless you're seriously over weight then gains through fat pad reduction are fairly limited.

For those guys who still harbor doubts about the effectiveness of manual penis enlargement, just take a look at the before and after photos in the members area, if you want proof about how well these methods work. There's NO photo-shopping going on here, just real results by real people.

I think that once I've gained another half inch in length, I shall start working on my girth full time. I've heard that many women actually prefer thickness over length, so will start my clamping routine soon.

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