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The Price of Penis Enlargement - Getting What You Pay For!

Penis Enlargement prices can start with free information you find online, and quickly rise into the thousands for costly surgery. Natural penis enlargement with a membership pay guide, may cost in the range of between £15.00 up to £200.00. The Dream Penis Guide program on the other hand costs just £19.95 for full lifetime access.

Penis enlargement pumps can be easily purchased from many online vendors and will sometimes start around £25.00 for the basic models, and run into the thousands for the more advanced equipment with all the different attachments and accessories that come with the pumps. These can be either water or air based vacuum pumps, but they all do more or less the same job in terms of enlarging the penis.

Fulcrum devices like the Power Pro cost approximately £50.00. Penis Weight Hanging equipment costs about £150.00, and depending on the models purchased, may either include or exclude the cost of the weights, which you may need to buy separately.

Penis Extenders begin with a fairly hefty price tag of around £200.00, and can cost as much as £800-£1000 for the deluxe models, depending on brand and accessories. For the more savvy shopper, significant savings on retail prices can be made on some of the internet's well known marketplaces, sites such as EBay and Amazon can often help buyers find hidden bargains not found elsewhere.

Penis Enlargement Pills average £50 - £70.00 per 30 1 month supply (with companies promising results within 6 months) Penis Enlargement Creams and Patches run around the same cost of their pill counterparts. Phalloplasty (penis enlargement surgery) starts at £3,500.00 and can run upwards of £10,000.00 depending on the surgeon and the procedure being performed. Other methods considered out patient surgery like fat injections will run into the thousands per year, as repeat surgery is often necessary.

Most of these methods are inconclusive whether they truly give any penis size gains. We can only advise on the methods we have used and the men we've spoken with that have tried some of the other methods. Natural Penis Enlargement can help men gain about 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth. You can also use a Penis Extender to supplement your length efforts if you feel it necessary.

We have members who have used Penis Enlargement Pills (including patches or creams) that claim that they did not make penis size gains until they started using manual exercises in addition to the supplements they were taking. Many of the members at Dream Penis Guide use Penis Enlargement Pumps and these men tell us that they are a great addition to the DPG girth program but in no way a substitute.

Penis enlargement pumps are largely used to give a temporary increase in girth. Finally there is the penis enlargement surgery option and we have encountered a handful of men who have braved the scalpel, all of whom say the same thing, no gains in erect size with approximately a 1" gain in flaccid size.

This is due to the suspensory ligament being cut during the surgery which enables the penis to hang longer in it's flaccid state. At the close of the surgery the doctors usually suggests weight hanging for additional length. This hardly seems worth the money and risk. Fat injections are somewhat new, and the many pictures which circulate the web show how the penis can easily become disfigured and lumpy looking.

Although we are bias, but remember this is for good reason, natural penis enlargement gives maximum gains with very little risk at a nominal cost. The Dream Penis Guide Program costs £19.95 for a life time membership, isn't your penis worth it?

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