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The Penis Enlargement Warm Up

Anyone engaging in any sort of penis enlargement routine will need to warm up before beginning.


A warm-up exercise is an invaluable tool in the PE arsenal as it prepares the penis for exercise by stimulating the area and ensures that there is adequate blood flow throughout the penile tissues. Most importantly, warming up helps speed healing when performed as a cool-down after your enlargement exercises have been performed.

Warm up Methods: Warm Cloth and Rice Sock

To make a rice sock, simply take a clean tube sock and fill it with dry, uncooked rice, often no more than two cups. Tie off the open end of the sock. To heat your new rice sock, place it in a microwave for up to 1 minute, ensuring that the sock is not burning hot to the touch. If it is not warm enough, microwave the sock again in 15 or 30 second intervals to control the temperature.

When the sock is sufficiently warmed, apply the sock to the penis, concentrating on warming up the whole shaft. You may reuse the sock for your future warm-ups.

To warm up with a cloth, simply take a small towel or washcloth and soak it in warm water. Ensure that the water temperature is not so hot that it will scald the genitals. Take the soaked cloth and wrap it around the penis and scrotum. For a beginner, the sensation may feel strange, but in time you'll become accustomed to it. Keep the cloth wrapped around the penis for 5 minutes.

If you don't feel that the penis and surrounding tissues are properly warmed up with adequate blood circulation, simply repeat your preferred warm-up procedure as necessary.

The warm up relaxes the penis tissues to decrease their resistance to exercise and helps to prevent injuries. In penis enlargement, adequate blood circulation is a fundamental element for all exercises. Having poor circulation can hinder your results or even result in injury and slow healing. Warming up, regardless of the method you choose, will maximize your gains and decrease recovery time.

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