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The Manscaping Jelqing Tutorial For a Larger Penis

Wet jelqing is the primary PE exercise. Very few rounded PE routines do not contain some element of jelqing. It is a technique that seems easy to master but is full of intricacy and its reasonable to still be refining jelq technique some months into PE. As with any PE exercise, it should be eased into gradually to allow the penis time to develop resistance to injury. Within the first 2 months of jelqing the veins will enlarge and become slowly resistant to injury allowing pressure to be ramped up.

Its possible to achieve gains from the jelqing exercise alone, however it is usually included within a penis enlargement routine to give the best results possible. The jelq technique works by pushing an increased amount of blood from the penis shaft into the penis head (Corpora Cavernosa). By repeatedly jelqing, the blood cells in the penis will break down and multiply, successively creating a longer and thicker penis.

After performing the jelqing exercise for a few days the cells in the penis will grow to allow more blood to fill the area, allowing the penis to thicken as a result. This is the same principle as a regular gym workout, the cells will continue to get larger and stronger, healing at night while you sleep. This is what makes the jelq exercise such a powerful but simple penis enlargement exercise giving you, length, some girth and a rod of steel!

Overworking or not taking days for rest will reduce the efficacy of this exercise. The effects of this exercise are increases in the length and the girth of the penis. This introduction will explain the basics of how to do the exercise, what the exercise does, and why it works.

It is very important not to start jelqing before doing a warm up and it is also important to be followed by a warm down. This will relax the tissues and will minimize the chances of getting injured.

The Jelq Directions

1. Massage your penis until it reaches 60-80% erection. By lightly massaging the penis to a partial erection, blood is held within the penis.

2. Use your right hand and make an "OK" sign with your thumb and index finger and grip tightly around the base of your penis. By grasping around the base (bottom) of the penis shaft with your thumb and forefinger, you trap the held blood within the penis.

3. Starting from the base of the penis, slowly pull (milk) towards the penis head. It should take 1-3 seconds to reach the glans. By taking the grasped finger and thumb and sliding it forward slowly the blood within the penis is forced forward into the Corpora Cavernosa (erectile tissue) and the Glans (head).

4. When you reach the penis head, take the left hand (the free hand), form a similar "OK" with the thumb and forefinger and start milking like you did before with the right hand at a medium to slow pace. The blood spaces within the penis are forced larger every time you milk forward.

5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 alternating both hands in a smooth rhythmic ("milking") motion, touching upon every part of the penis except the very top part of the penis head.

Our penis enlargement program contains many more exercises designed to thicken and lengthen your manhood.

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