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Tracking Your Penis Enlargement Progress

When setting out on any regimen which requires you to track your own progress, seeing really is believing. This is especially true for penis exercises, as visual progress with photos combined with to up to date measurements of your gains, can really help you to know that your penis enlargement routine is working and actually helping you move just that much closer to your goals, even if it's just a small and seemingly insignificant step.

tracking progress

Take Pictures Before You Start

To ensure that you get records of your goals, start by taking some clear photographs of your penis before and after your regime of exercises. If possible, try and capture images of your erect penis with a ruler placed beside it from different angles, and then be sure to use exactly the same angles with future photos.

Keep a Monthly Journal of Your Measurements

With each documented picture, record your measurements using the bone pressed erect length or flaccid stretched length method (from the base of the penis to the tip of your glans). Write these measurements down with the corresponding dates in your penis enlargement journal, and save it someplace safe and away from prying eyes.

From time to time, revisit your records from the beginning to the present. If you are making progress, keep up the good work! If you seem to have hit a plateau, then try taking a break from PE for 3-4 weeks.

Plateaus are perfectly normal and experienced by most men at some time, and usually don't last long. Providing you're doing the exercises correctly, paying close attention to your physiological indicators such as erection quality, and you're not over-training, then your gains should soon return.

Recording Your Progress Keeps You Motivated

If you feel uncomfortable photographing your progress before or after your exercises, then simply record the measurements. It won't have nearly the same psychological impact as watching your penis change before your eyes over time, but it's good enough to not want to miss out on it.

It's been proven that keeping records of your progress not only helps to ensure that you're doing the exercises correctly and getting results, but it keeps your motivation levels on high. And when you consider just how important motivation is for natural penis enlargement, then you'll understand why you should be recording your progress.

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