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One Inch Can Make a Big Difference

If you've already set out on your penis enlargement journey, it's been at least a month and you're measuring your penis to keep track of your progress, you've probably noticed some gains of 1/8th inch or 1/4th inch. In just several more months of diligence and regular practice of your enlargement routine, it's not unlikely to be an inch longer in length when erect.

make a Difference

One measly inch. "Big deal!" you might be thinking.

Don't jump to conclusions about that single inch. An increase of one volumetric inch in penis length and girth can really make a significant difference to your self esteem and sexual confidence. Not to mention the positive impact it can have on your sex life.

Just 1 Inch Can Make all the Difference

More men are below average than above, and plenty of men are just average. Records vary with measuring technique, population and sample size, but in most surveys studying the erect penis length of men, a typical man will be between 5 - 6 inches in length and around 5 inches in girth when erect.

Chances are you may be around this range too, and even if you are below this, it's still possible to get longer with just a little more work and patience. Getting into the groove with your penis enlargement workouts and seeing your penis getting thicker and longer is without doubt an incredibly rewarding experience. Those nagging worries of getting undressed in the locker rooms or infront of your partner, will soon fade away and be replaced with brimming confidence.

The Importance of Giving Your Partner Pleasure

• Strengthens her attachment to you

• Keeps her from straying to other men and keeps her thinking about you

• The vagina responds to pleasure, making her tighter and wetter for you

• Relieves her of stress and pent-up tension

Again, that one extra inch that takes you from average to above-average is starting to look like a lot more than just one insignificant inch. Regardless of how you look or how much money you have, being above-average in the penis size department may earn you extra points with the fairer sex.

So, if you're unhappy with your current penis size, try our penis workout program. It only takes a few months to invest in something, that can dramatically improve the quality of your confidence and sex life forever.

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