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Real Penis Enlargement Tips And Secrets

When it comes to the subject of penis size, there's no secrets that size does matter, and that women do enjoy a thicker longer penis. In an effort to escape the frustration of having a short penis and to boost their sexual ability, many guys have started searching for the best way to grow their penis. These enhancement methods come in many forms, so let's take a brief look at the options available in our free penis enlargement top tips article.

Growth Enhancement Supplements

These are popular for many beginners looking to enlarge their penis with the promise of fast gains. You can buy everything from herbal pills, creams, patches, oils, foods, medicines etc. The prices range from just a few dollars to hundreds.

The question on everyone's lips is how well do they perform? and what's the most effective? Well, sadly none of these supplements work! It's an unregulated market, which means there may be health risks associated with many of the pills sold online.

Free Online Information

It's no secret that free things often contain very little value. Much of the information which you can find for free on the internet is just sales hype! Bold words which attempt to impart secret information about how you too can grow your penis 4 inches fast.

More often than not these websites are trying to sell you wonder drugs and other dodgy items! This type of information is not miraculously going to give you the big penis you've always dreamed about.

Gadgets And Surgery

Just like supplements, you have many different types of gadgets to choose from. Penis stretching devices followed by vacuum pumps are probably the most popular. Our advice is to save your money, because these devices won't give you the kind of results you're looking for!

It's no surprise that many surgeons are willing to take $5000-$10,000, in exchange for fairytale hopes of building you a larger penis. Is it worth the money? Hundreds of independent reviews from people who have had surgery, say their unhappy with the results. Some of these men also complain of erectile dysfunction after the surgery too.

Natural Penis Exercises

The corpora cavernosa consists of two spongy cylindrical tubes that run the length of your penis. When filled with pressurized blood they cause the penis to become rigid and erect similar to when balloon is filled with air. The theory is that since the corpora cavernosa expands, the more blood you can get into it, the larger your erection becomes.

After weighing up all your options, you may well find that exercising the penis using a professional program with clear step by step instructions and videos, may be the most effective way to achieving permanently bigger erections.

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