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Psychological Impotence Cures and Treatments

Impotence is something which affects millions of men worldwide, but the good news is there are some good psychological impotence cures and treatments available. Impotence is a medical condition, and the underlying causes can often be difficult to find, but providing the problem is correctly diagnosed and you get the right help, then you can overcome this debilitating sexual problem.


In many cases where the problem is psychological, the cause can often be related to anxiety over penis size or sexual performance. It's widely recognised that when a man is unable to relax and worries about his ability to get an erection, it simply won't happen. Recurring problems can sometimes be the result of one bad experience.

An insensitive remark about the size of a mans penis, its hardness, or ability to perform and satisfy can all be trigger points for psychological impotence. The fact is, any emotional disturbance which plays on a mans mind and inhibits his ability to get an erection, can lead to impotence.

Sufferers may find their erections may be sporadic, working in one situation but not another. One of the best ways to see whether the problem is all in the mind is to see whether you have morning erections. If you sometimes wake up with an erection, then its a good sign your impotence isn't physical in nature.

In this fast paced and stressful world we now live in, a man's libido is constantly coming under attack. Day to day factors such as tiredness, stress, worry, depression, alcohol, substance abuse, diet, lack of exercise etc, can all take their toll on the male sex drive. It's also worth pointing out, that excessive masturbation can in some cases exhaust the penis resulting in temporary impotence.

Stress and deadlines at work, bills and finances, commuting, problem relationships, children, as well as the above, need to be dealt with in an efficient way. Failure to do so, will inevitably result in sexual dysfunction or the break down of a relationship. It's been well noted that relationship troubles can sometimes be responsible for causing temporary erectile dysfunction in men. This can lead to the partner feeling unloved, unattractive, or unable to turn her partner on. Feelings of insecurity or a lack of trust in a man towards his partner can also cause psychological impotence problems.

The Key to Overcoming Psychological Impotence Is To Relax and Focus on Your Partner

The key to overcoming these difficult situations is communication, because when partners fail to open up and talk about emotional or sexual problems an unhealthy tension begins to materialize. Guilt and failure can be powerful emotions if left unchecked, so talking is the key to prevent further problems from spiralling out of control. According to a recently published article, depression in males was considered one of the chief factors behind erectile dysfunction.

If you find yourself experiencing negative or depressing thoughts consistently and your libido isn't quite what it used to be, then you should think about getting out and mixing with other people more frequently. Living a healthier and more active lifestyle means your body and mind will function better, and you'll have less time to sit around and get depressed.

At the end of the day you need to remember that the thoughts you think will ultimately shape the world around you, think good thoughts and you'll feel good, think bad thoughts and you'll feel bad. Erectile problems all to often stem from a bad mindset. So you need to learn to relax your mind and not allow yourself to worry so much about things.

We've saved the most important tip for last. And it's simple: Learn to concentrate on your partner more! The more you focus on your partner, the less you focus on yourself and your performance. Try it the next time you're becoming intimate, and see just how beneficial it can be for helping you to maintain your erection and perform better.

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