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Peyronie's Disease Explained

Peyronie's Disease is when the erectile structures in the penis (corpora cavernosa) become inflamed. Peyronie's occurs more frequently than many believe, with most instances of the disease affecting men in their middle age and later. However the disease can affect all men, young or old.

Causes of Peyronie's

At this rate we may never know. Surgeon Francois Peyronie, whom the disease was named after, first described the condition in 1743. Since then, there has been little progress to determine the root cause of Peyronie's. One suggestion is that the disease may be a form of phlebitis, a type of inflammation that affects the veins making up the erectile structures within the penis.

What Happens to a Penis with Peyronie's?

A curvature forms in the penis in the later stages of Peyronie's. The exact underlying cause of the disease is not known, however we do know the penile curve is caused by scar tissue. However, Peyronie's is neither sexually transmissible nor is it cancerous

Sometimes men who have Peyronie's have sustained an injury or trauma of the penis leading to the formation of scar tissue, which may feel like a series of small bumps beneath the penis skin. This scar tissue may keep building up in the initial years following the injury, causing increased curvature. This deformation of the penis may be most noticeable when the penis is erect.

Peyronie's Disease Signs and Symptoms:

• Painful erection
• Soft erection
• Exaggerated curvature of the penis
• Fibrous areas beneath the penis skin

Can Dream Penis Guide Correct my Penis Curve?

Dream Penis Guide features specific exercises designed to correct penile curvature. We have had much success with men suffering from Peyronie's.

Is There Anything Else I can do About Peyronie's?

It is recommended that you use the methods found in Dream Penis Guide for correcting your condition. Other methods for treatment of Peyronie's are available but they require invasive surgery and medication. Most men who undergo the procedure are not satisfied with the results.

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