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Penis Thickening Techniques to Expand the Corpora Cavernosa

The penis contains a sponge like erectile tissue, which quickly expands in size when filled with blood during the erection phase. The bulk of this tissue is found in the Corpora Cavernosa. These are the twin blood holding chambers which sit at the top of the penis above the Corpus Spongiosum, and span its entire length.

When the penis is soft and flaccid these blood tanks shrink and deflate in size. But as soon as the arousal process begins in the brain, chemical messages are dispatched to the penis, and the body begins pumping blood into the Corpora Cavernosa. The penis soon starts to swell and throb with the build up of incoming blood.

The idea behind any type of penis thickening enlargement, is to increase the blood storage capacity to allow for greater expansion of the penis when erect. This IS all possible with natural stretching techniques.

Since the Corpora Cavernosa is largely composed of smooth muscle, it's possible to increase the size and erectile strength of the penis through a series of exercises. These involve various forms of stretches and have been used by men for many years to thicken the penis.

The Corpora Cavernosa Jelq

Even though this basic exercise is suitable for beginners, men should still take care not to injure themselves through over enthusiasm.

If you're below the age of 18, WAIT! Your penis probably hasn't finished growing yet, so give it time to reach its full size before you start performing these types of enlargement methods.

Start this exercise by forming the OK sign around the base of your penis. Gently pull your penis outwards and then begin jelqing lightly. For best results, be sure you are semi-erect and apply a generous amount of lubrication to your hands.

Continue to gently pull away from your body and Jelq with only minimal force at first for 10 second reps, repeating this motion around five or six times. This Corpora Cavernosa exercise can be repeated several times a week, gradually increasing reps until your penis can handle more.

The Floppy Penis Stretch

Perform this stretch while flaccid. Hold the head of your penis in your palm and slowly pull forward. Continue extending it forward as far as you can, hold for fifteen seconds and release. Remember that these movements should remain gentle. If you notice any discomfort, you are not doing the stretch properly. Perform these growth exercises five times a week, repeating this motion about ten or fifteen times.

The Pelvic Floor Muscle Squeeze

Another way to strengthen you Corpora Cavernosa is through the kegel exercises. This is an exercise that targets all the muscles within the pelvic floor. Imagine you are trying to hold in urine and contract these muscles, you'll know you’re doing it right if your testicles move upward and the base of your penis flexes towards the abdomen. Hold this position for three seconds, relax, and then repeat.

Be sure you are accessing the right muscles. Straining the abs and legs will just make you sore and have no effect on the Corpora Cavernosa. Do ten reps at a time about three times a day, gradually increasing the time of the contraction and reps. Development of the Corpora Cavernosa, just like any other muscle, will take time, so be patient.

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