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Penis Health - The Key to Confidence in Men

Your penis health is not just about getting regular erections or being able to have children. It is not limited to using condoms either. In this article, we are going to focus on the aspects that influence penis condition, most common penis problems, penis issue indications and penis care tips.

Factors that influence penis health

Various factors affect penis health. Unprotected sex can cause problems related to STDs. Dysfunction of erection can be caused by diabetes, heart disease, hormone imbalance, smoking, neurological or psychological condition. Additionally, being very aggressive in masturbation or sex can sometimes result in penis fracture. Infections due to piercings are common as well. Moreover, increasing age and use of certain treatments or medications can affect penis health negatively to a considerable extent.

Common issues associated with penis health

The most common penis problem is erection problem. Some people find that they cannot get or keep an erection during sex, whereas some others face premature or delayed ejaculation. A certain percentage of people encounter painful erections that do not involve sexual arousal at all. Infections that get transmitted sexually are common too. For instance, syphilis, genital warts or herpes, Chlamydia etc. are seen frequently. Other than the two categories already mentioned, men can experience foreskin issues and other problems too.

How to know if you have problem?

If you find that you suddenly start to ejaculate differently, or that there is burning sensation or bleeding while you ejaculate or urinate, you may need to approach a doctor. Occurrence of lumps, legions, rash or warts near the genital region in general is regarded as an indication too. Other than that, discharge from the organ or severe pain are not to be taken lightly. Also, if you are experiencing a bent curvature which is interfering with your sexual life or is causing pain, you may want to go to a physician immediately. Moreover, in case you find an unusual lump in your scrotum, you must immediately get professional help. If you encounter sudden change of smell, or the color of semen seems to be different all of a sudden, your health may be at risk.

Penis care tips

1. Avoid smoking and decrease alcohol intake
2. Include as much fruits and vegetables as you can in your diet
3. Wash the penis gently and avoid using soap frequently
4. Do not use deodorants or talc near the genitals
5. Avoid piercing and never have unprotected sex
6. Make sure that you are always mentally healthy
7. Get vaccination for genital warts if you are below 26 years of age
8. Have regular sex if possible
9. Be physically active on a frequent basis

Good penis health is a significant part of a man’s life. Although there are certain conditions that cannot be treated, most penis issues are treatable. Besides, a good penis care routine may reduce chances of developing a penis issue significantly. Therefore, be sure to follow the above tips for great penis health.

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