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Penis Enlargement and Privacy - A Cautionary Tale

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Penis enlargement, those two words can make lots of people feel mighty uncomfortable. Men who begin this practice can feel shame and embarrassment, so naturally they can often go to great lengths to protect their privacy.

Stealth penis enlargement

After all, what guy wants his partner to find out that he's unhappy with the size of his penis, and wants to make it larger.

This was the position I was in many years ago. Below, I've written a short story of what took place.

So, after doing my penis enlargement exercises undetected for many months, the day arrived when I was caught in the act by my partner.

Talk about embarrassing! I had been complimented several times already on how much bigger I felt between the sheets. I was questioned why this was, but always shrugged it off. But there I was one day, music playing in the background and laying down on the bed, stretching my penis hard to the floor with both hands.

My partner arrived home early from work and just strolled straight into the room. She clocked me immediately and just froze on the spot. Her face had a look of both surprise and amusement, catching me in this strange act of stretching on my penis. Not in the masturbatory sense, but in a way that she had never seen before.

Dazed and confused I quickly stopped what I was doing and tried to explain the situation to her. It wasn't what it looked like honey, I said, searching wildly for some plausible excuse. But she wasn't buying it. Instead, she told me to continue doing whatever it was I was doing to my penis.

With a deep sigh of resignation, I started stretching my penis straight out once more. Her once hushed tone was now replaced with uncontrollable giggling and laughter. She began to fire questions at me, the first being was what the hell was I doing to myself.

I had been doing my penis enlargement routine undetected for about 9 months up until that stage. But now I had been discovered, and the cat was truly out the bag. The time had come for me to explain to my partner what it was all about. I sat her down on the bed and calmly explained to her that I was unhappy with the size of my penis, and that I wanted to make it bigger with exercises.

She looked at me with a big grin on her face, and said "now I know why you've felt so different down below". I nodded and told her that my penis had been slowly growing due to all the stretching exercises I'd done over the months.

I could see a look of genuine curiosity on her face, so I proceeded to tell her more. She was fascinated by the concept of how these stretching exercises worked to make a man's penis bigger. But she was also sad that I was unhappy with my penis size and never confided in her.

She told me that my penis was just fine as it was, and that I really shouldn't worry. But she understood how I felt and said that I would have her full support. The moral of this story could be to either: a. lock the door and stretch in true stealth mode. Or, b. let your partner into your world without feeling shame.

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