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Vitamins and Minerals For Male Enhancement
Get Stronger Sperm and Erections

There are many causes for poor sexual health in men and some can be frustratingly vague, but by ensuring that you get enough of the vitamins that your body must have to function properly, you can improve your odds against the condition while also improving your overall physical and mental health.

healthy diet

Triggers like a change in medication or drinking too much alcohol are usually easy to spot and treat, but more elusive factors like stress, a lack of sleep or a poor diet can also cause ED.

Absent an explicit cause for your dysfunction, your best strategy for confronting the condition will almost always be to work on improving your overall health.

Consulting your doctor is an important place to start with any change to your physical lifestyle, but few physicians will argue with increasing your activity and becoming more aware of your eating habits, making sure to take in an adequate amount of nutrients to ensure proper body function.

Improving Your Diet Enhances Your Sexual Health

Remember, getting your daily vitamins and minerals from a healthy balanced diet that enhances your health, is generally a better idea than relying on supplements alone. But if a pill is the only reliable way that you're going to get a nutrient, take it. Again, a quick visit with your doctor is the best place to start if you're unsure.

A healthy production of sex hormones is, not surprisingly, an important factor in fighting off erectile dysfunction. Vitamins B3 and E are both helpful in increasing the amount of these hormones generated by the body, and it's a good idea to make sure that you're getting enough of each of them for stronger erections.

Vitamin B3, also called niacin, aids in the production of sex hormones and overall circulation and can be readily found in seafood, red meat, beets and broccoli. Sixteen milligrams of niacin per day is a good target.

Vitamin E is an imperative for good hormone production as well as working to decrease the signs of aging. The 15 mg per day that is recommended for grown men can usually be acquired through foods like nuts, seeds and leafy green vegetables.

Deficiencies in vitamin A have been linked to a decrease in sex hormones and (sound the alarms, gentlemen!) testicular shrinkage. Sources for it include mangos, apricots and sweet potatoes.

Vitamins and Minerals Improve Blood Flow and Sperm Health

A low sperm count and lazy or unhealthy sperm can also contribute to a decline in sexual health, particularly if you and your partner are trying to conceive. Look for foods higher in Vitamin B12 like liver and clams and try to get the daily requirement of 2.4 mcg to ensure healthier, more mobile sperm counts.

Vitamin B9, also known as folic acid or folate, is important for reducing the chances of producing abnormal sperm. Some studies suggest that combined with zinc it could might help to increase overall sperm count. Keep in mind that it's been proven to prevent a number of birth defects so women who are trying to get pregnant should also take it.

Vitamin D can help to produce stronger sperm as well, while at the same time working to prevent depression and weight gain and reducing your chances of getting prostrate cancer and high blood pressure. This powerhouse of a vitamin is easily acquired through just ten minutes of sunlight a day. It may be necessary to take a supplement of this crucial vitamin however, especially during the shorter days of winter. A daily intake of 2,000 IU is considered an adequate dose for adult males.

Increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood, is critical for improving blood flow to the penis and bolstering sexual stamina. Vitamin C is well-known for its ability to help the body ward off colds, but it's also effective in fighting off the free radicals that can lower nitric acid levels in your system, resulting in a lowered concentration of oxygen in the blood stream, thus weaker erections.

Guava, kiwi and red bell peppers are all unexpected sources of this important vitamin and adult men should aim to get about 90 milligrams a day through their diet.

A diet plan that is well thought out and rich in all the right vitamins can prove to be a must-have in any man's fight for good sexual health. By ensuring that your body has all of the nutrients it needs, you'll not only eliminate many of the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction, but the worry and stress of it as well.

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