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Jelqing Exercise Techniques - An Introduction

The Jelq is a technique which works slowly over time to improve the thickness of your penis. The Jelq, along with many other girth exercises, work by forcing more blood into the erectile tissues and expanding the corpora cavernosa beyond its current blood holding capacity. This causes new cells to grow, divide and multiply, giving you a bigger penis.

Natural techniques

In order to maximize your results with these jelqing exercises, you should use a natural penis enlargement guide with well written instructions and video tutorials. This kind of information not only makes your job much easier, it also limits the dangers associated with jelqing.

Remember: your penis should never become fully erect when performing any exercise techniques. You should aim for an erection level of between 50-70%. This can often prove difficult for beginners, due to the stimulating effect these exercises have on the ejaculatory system.

Jelqing is said to be an ancient Sudanese enlargement technique, passed down from father to son. The main goal of this exercise was to help men enlarge their penis. Other benefits include better orgasm control.

The Jelqing Technique In Practice

1. Apply a small amount of lubrication to your penis shaft.

2. Get your penis semi-erect 50-70%. If it becomes fully erect, squeeze and leave your erection to subside.

3. Position your right hand around your shaft, this type of grip should be firm but not too hard and resemble the Ok sign.

4. Slowly lift your grip using a masturbation motion gradually upwards until you reach the head. Your trying to gather the blood and push it from the penile base, all the way to the glans.

5. When your right hand reaches the top and finishes the milking motion, use your left hand and repeat the exercise.

Jelqing Tips:

* Always make sure you do a warm-up before starting your routine.

* Beginners must use lubrication. Advanced techniques can be done dry.

* Be careful not to squeeze the penis hard with your Jelq grip.

* Never get fully erect when you Jelq, and always resist the temptation to ejaculate.

* Always finish your workouts with a warm-down to relax the penis tissues.

Our natural penis enlargement program contains complete step-by-step tutorials and videos to help improve your results.

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