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Penis Lengthening Surgery - Is It Right For You?

If you've arrived at the conclusion that you're not happy with your current penile size, and you've been thinking about getting it enlarged, then you may find penile lengthening surgery to be the solution you've been searching for.

It's important to ask yourself a few simple questions first, before making contact with any prospective surgeons who perform penis enlargement.

Below we've listed a few basic questions for you to consider, before making any hasty life changing decisions.

Penis Sizes and How You Fit in

Lots of men who choose to go under the surgeons knife, do so believing they're too small. They may of spent much of their life unfairly comparing themselves to other men, foolishly thinking they don't measure up. The reality is however, many of these men don't actually have small penises, they only believe they do.

Consider for a moment that the average penis size is somewhere between 5-6 inches. Now if your penis is close to this average measurement or greater, then you should think long and hard about whether opting for surgery is the right choice.

Now while 5-6 inches is by no means BIG its also not considered small. It's average, and there's nothing wrong with having an average sized penis. I shall repeat that so it sinks in a little better: There is nothing wrong with having a penis that is average in size.

The Various Types of Enlargement Procedures Available

Penile Lengthening

The most common type of penis enlargement surgery offered is penile lengthening. This procedure works by severing the suspensory ligament where it connects to the pubic bone. The operation is fairly straight forward and mostly pain free. Immediate size gains can vary from just a few millimeters to a couple of centimeters.

A penis hanger type device which suspends weights from the penis is commonly used after the op for several months. This practise of hanging weights helps the patient to achieve greater gains than what the surgery alone can offer, plus it prevents scar tissue from forming after the ligaments have been cut.

Penile Thickening

This type of surgery is often performed separately to the lengthening procedure, and sometimes requires repeat surgery to achieve the desired appearance.

The methods used to thicken the penile shaft can vary depending on the surgeon you choose and the price you're willing to pay. Fat grafts which are taken from other parts of the body and then implanted into the shaft is the most common way to add bulk to the penis.

As with any type of surgery, there may be risks involved. Of course for those men whose quality of life is severely affected by living with a small penis, then the risk to reward relationship becomes an easy decision to make.

Sex is there to be enjoyed by everyone, but nothing ruins the chance of intimacy more than hang-ups about size and performance. Don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself or feel too embarrassed to visit your doctor, take action.

Surgery isn't the only option for enlarging your penis, other methods such as penis extenders, pumps and exercises may all help.

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