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How to Give Your Man the Best Fellatio

Fellatio, or the classic blow job, is probably one of the most important sexual activities besides sex itself. There’s a whole other element of intimacy and trust that comes with the act. Here are six tips to make the most of your BJ:

woman licking her lips

1) Communicate!

Let’s face it: men and women have barely any clue as to how each others’ downstairs parts work. When servicing your man, always ask him “Does that feel good?” Not only does it sound enthusiastic, it helps you learn how he likes it.

2) Be gentle

Man parts are sensitive and fragile. Ever see a guy get hit in the balls? It’s painful. Gentle strokes and licks to the scrotum are pleasant, but take a note from rule 1 and ask your man how he likes it. Some like more firmness, others like it gentle. Also, be careful of those teeth, and no biting. Cushion them with your lips.

3) To lube or not to lube?

If you’re giving a BJ on the spot, don’t be afraid to get everything sopping wet. Saliva is good lube in a pinch, but it dries out quickly, so don’t be afraid to drool. If you make fellatio a routine, try flavored lubes designed for oral sex.

4) Get handy

Who said that fellatio was only supposed to be with the mouth? If you use your hands, you can double-team with your left and right hands to give yourself a break whenever you need to catch a breath. Stroke up and down, maintaining the same rhythm as you would when sucking him off.

5) Be comfortable

If you’re on your knees, use a pillow. Otherwise, try to get in a seated position so you can put your whole body into it. Alternatively, lie back at an incline, and let your guy straddle you to put himself in. When you’re comfortable, it makes it easier to give great fellatio and to last as long as it takes for your guy to come. Second, don’t choke yourself like a porn star. Enthusiasm is fantastic, but just get him off with your mouth even if you can’t take him all the way in.

6) Swallow or wear it with pride

Nearly all men love when their ejaculate is swallowed after climax – think of it as a way of totally accepting him. Plus, coming in the mouth just feels the best. Swallow it down as soon as it’s all out, and you won’t taste it. Similarly, if you let your man finish on your face or bosom or anywhere else you can think of, this literally becomes the icing on the cake, and for some reason it also feels great.

It’s worth remembering that the glans (head) is the most sensitive part of the male penis. By gently licking and caressing them with your tongue and lips, while masturbating the shaft, you’ll have your man screaming out in absolute bliss.

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