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How to do Jelqing Exercises

If you've arrived here because you want to increase your size, but you're confused with all the conflicting information, then rest assured you're not alone. A good penis enlargement program will show you how to do these jelqing exercises correctly to achieve the best results.


Before you start using these natural exercise methods, you should remember that exercising too much in the beginning, may hinder your results. So think twice before over-training, as less often equals more.

The Jelq is said to be an old secret Arab method to enhance size and erection strength. A dubious claim, but it does appear to work for most men. Multiple factors determine your success: intensity, duration, technique, over-training and under-training, are to name but a few.

The Jelq Exercise Increases Girth

These exercises work better for promoting girth. Stretching exercises should be used to focus on length. They can be safely done with only your hands, no need for devices. The warm-up is an essential part of your routine, and should always be done after your workouts too.

You can use either a rice sock, wet face cloth, shower or bath, the choice is yours. Warm-up time should be at least 5 minutes. A rice sock is a sock partly filled with rice and tied off at the end, and then placed in the microwave for 30-60 seconds.

The warm-up helps to relax the penile tissues and ligaments, making them more pliable and less prone to injury. Before starting your exercises, be sure to refrain from sex or masturbation for at least two hours or more.

Girth workouts require the penis to be kept in the semi-erect state, which can be difficult if you've recently ejaculated. Jelqing does work when performed correctly, and the good news is these exercises do more than just add size. They can help to strengthen your erections and control premature ejaculation. With complete access to the right information, you can speed your gains up, saving you months of wasted time.

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