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Dealing With Penile Inadequacy

Feelings of inferiority over penis size and sexual ability is something most men have experienced at some point in their lives. A negative remark or a joke can be all it takes to set those wheels of anxiety in motion. Casual comments made by lovers in conversation about their previous partners size, can also be the kiss of death to a man's sexual confidence. It doesn't take much to sow that seed of inadequacy in a man's mind. Once the seed has grown roots, it can be very difficult to remove.

penis inadequacy

How to Overcome this Problem

Ladies, try never to make a joke or tease a man about his penis size, no matter what you feel about him. What can be meant either as a bit of fun or something said in a moment of anger, has the potential to cause problems that may affect your sex lives. Reassure any man you come into sexual contact with that they are good lovers etc. If their technique is rusty help to educate them about better techniques and new sexual positions.

Natural exercises exist which have the power to increase your size. It may sound hard to believe for the skeptics who have never heard of these natural enlargement methods, but given the time and dedication, you can add one or more inches to your size.

Guys, measure your penis again when it is fully erect and take a note of the measurement. You need to measure from the base of the shaft to the tip of the glans and include every millimetre of length. Forget what you've seen in the adult movies, because the average penis size measures between 5-6 inches. So you may just discover that you comfortably fit into this average range like millions of other men more than you realize.

Secondly talk to your partner about your concerns. If both partners are aware of a problem, the problem decreases in severity. Showing sensitivity to how your partner is feeling will also make this issue easier to deal with.

Size Only Matters if it Matters to You

The debate over penis size and whether it really matters is a long standing one. It's fair to say that most men and women have their own personal views on this subject. The web is full to bursting point with people on forums expressing and asserting their opinions. However, speaking from an objective point of view, we believe that size only matters if it matters to you. What this means is that you should try not to worry what others say, including the media, and just focus instead on becoming a more thoughtful lover.

Big or Small, be Proud of What You Have

Regardless of how big or small you are, what you have is a biological work of art. Important though your penis is, it's still only one part of who you are as a man. Naturally, for men who suffer with penile inferiority or just lack confidence in their size, their penis and woe's can become their whole life. Despite the culture we live in and the pressures to measure up, being a "real man" has more to do with what's in your heart and how you treat others, than what's in your pants.

Many websites overstretch the truth to make a sale. We believe this approach is wrong, and not only ruins the credibility of penis enlargement, but damages men's self esteem. Like all good ideas, penis exercises have the potential to enhance men's lives when embraced as a lifestyle choice.

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