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How Erections Work - Unlocking the Secrets to Male Sexual Function

Almost everything that a man does is driven by his sexual response. It is in a way involuntary and doesn’t need any specific action or thought on the man’s part.

That said, a man can of course work his way to an excited state if he wants to do so. Even if the response happens quite easily and naturally, the psychological process involved in getting an erection is much more complex.

male sexual function

This makes erectile dysfunction a complex problem to solve, but with an understanding of the process which results in an erection can make it easier for men to boost penis power and thereby reduce the chances of malfunction of the penis and also, maintain better penis cleanliness and health.

The process is as follows:

A man first feels, sees, hears or smells something that is stimulating, sexually.

This sexual excitement or stimulation originates in the brain and triggers series of signals in a very specific part of the brain.

These signals, then run along the spinal cord and then into the pelvic nerves which is along the prostate gland. Then, it runs into the chambers of the penis responsible for the erection.

The muscles present in the penis respond to the signals and then relax. This dilates the blood vessels and thus allows a rush of blood flow into the erectile chambers of the penis.

The tissues in the penis then stretch to accommodate this flow of blood thus causing an erection. Also, at this time, a sheath of tissue in the erectile chamber prevents backward flow of blood. The penis is now ready for sex.

The signals in the brain change when a man reaches orgasm. This reduces blood flow into the penis, causing the blood pressure to drop, inside the penis. This results in the penis becoming flaccid again.

Since this process is complex, anything can go wrong in any of the steps that are mentioned above, leading to impotence “erectile dysfunction”. The reasons can be stress, poor food habits, obesity, performance related anxiety or anything else that can affect a man’s sexual function during sex.

The secret to stronger and longer erections is a balanced diet, eating well and getting plenty of regular exercise. Eating a lot of carbs is also key to a long and strong erection. Eating an hour before sex is important so that the food digests.

Also, avoiding drinking and smoking is wise if you want your erections to last longer. Penis enlargement exercises and kegels also have the power to strengthen your erections too.

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