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Homemade Penis Enlargement: The Cuckold Remedy For Restoring Power!

Are you tired of being bossed around by ladies? Unbelievably, some guys defy the stereotype and get off on the fact that they love to be bossed around by women. They also love to witness their women being taken away by manlier men than themselves.

silverback gorilla

Most men are reviled by such a thing, and nobody blames them. However, unless you actually have a cuckold fetish, you don’t have to be in such a position.

Women love a confident man who can call the shots in their life. Cuckolds are the opposite, and don’t call the shots in anyone’s life. Being a gentleman, or a good guy is one thing, but being weak and spineless is something altogether different.

The only thing worse than a cuckold is a cash cow aka pay pig. These men have sadly sunk to such depths that they have no dignity left in themselves whatsoever. Small penis humiliation often tends to be the motivating factor behind this life of sexual submissiveness and servitude.

They end up being the nice guy who raises the kids of the stud who disappears out the back door at midnight. It’s a sad truth, but women love men who determine their own destiny. When will you determine yours?

Perhaps it has to do with the size of your penis. A virile, high-testosterone man often has a penis larger than average. A big penis and his claim of the women seem to be the birth right of the stud, and no one else’s.

Being a stud isn’t just a matter of size and how well hung you are, its about possessing an unfaltering confidence in yourself to deal with any situation, or being able to handle any woman.

But not so fast: any man can have a big penis if he puts his mind to it. You don’t have to be the weak cuckolded slave watching his girl getting stolen from him willingly. You and only you, can take back control anytime, and steer your life down a new path that Empowers you instead of weakens you.

The tables can turn and you could easily be the well-hung stud who takes the women. All it takes is the confidence and self-determination of a man who calls the shots.

To start, you can begin with the size of your penis. Having a large member is a simple way to gain unshakeable confidence that radiates throughout all facets of your life. When you’ve got the physical goods, your psychology will often automatically realign itself to present you in a more confident light.

A larger penis can even be achieved with natural means, penis lengthening exercises you can do at home. All it takes is a willingness to ascend from weakling cuckold to manly stud whom women swoon for and respect.

Which will you choose to become: the pushover, or the man who determines his own fate?

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