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Growing Up With a Small Flaccid Penis

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Hi Guys,

Thought it was time to share some of my experiences with your other members about growing up with my small flaccid penis. It all started at birth when the doctor almost mistook me for a girl instead of a boy. My penis was so small it was virtually undetectable according to my mum. It was barely no bigger than a pea my mum once told me.

small flaccid penis

My penis wasn't quite as small as a micro penis, but it wasn't much bigger either. As a boy moving around from school to school, I got teased a lot by the other kids due to my tiny flaccid penis.

The worst time for me was after gym class. We all had to undress in front of each other and take a shower. It didn't take me long to figure out that my penis was much smaller than the other boys.

Even at the age of 12 I was too embarrassed to get changed around my peers, and would often make excuses to the teacher why I couldn't do gym that day. I would even go as far as getting my sister to write a letter for me to give to the teachers. That's how ashamed I felt about my undersized penis.

Around the time I hit puberty, I remember I would go to bed with my fingers crossed and hope that my penis started to grow whilst I slept.

It's quite sad looking back, that my mind was so consumed from a fairly young age with thoughts about penis growth and the various ways that could possibly make my flaccid penis longer.

I would sit on my bed some nights and start stretching my penis out in all directions, desperate to keep it stretched out permanently so I was never teased again at school.

By the age of 19 my penis still only measured 3.9 inches from the base to the head.

I figured I had to do something about it fast before it ruined my life. I had already become cut off from everyone and had grown used to avoiding any contact with girls my own age, fearing they would laugh when I undressed.

I started doing manual stretching every night after I found your website. I began extending my penis downwards with a tight grip for about 10 minutes until it became sore.

My goal was to do these penis workouts until I reached about 5.5 inches in penis length. It was also a race against the clock, as my 24th birthday was fast approaching in less than 6 months, so I had a lot of work to do.

Long story short, I managed to successfully reach my goal! I now proudly measure 5.7 inches. It took me a little bit longer than I thought it would. But it was time definitely well spent.

My penis is now slightly above average according to some surveys, and I'm already starting to get compliments from the girls about how big it looks.

The trouble is most men are never satisfied and always want that little bit extra. It would be great to have a 7 inch penis, but for now I'm just going to make the most of what I've worked hard to gain so far.

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