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Foreskin Restoration: Grow Your Foreskin Naturally

For many men who were circumcised in their youth, the idea of foreskin restoration is an appealing one. However, the notion of having surgery on one's genitals, this time at an age where the pain will likely provide a more lasting memory, can certainly be a cringe-inducing one.

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The truth is that most men will be much better served to investigate the natural methods for restoring their foreskins well before they decide on a costly and uncomfortable surgical solution.

While there are a number of natural methods for growing the foreskin, they all involve slowly stretching the skin of the penile shaft over time until it reaches the point that it can cover the head of the penis, appearing for all intents and purposes as the original foreskin.

These techniques are informally referred to as "tugging" and there are actually support groups available online to offer advice and encouragement if needed.

Surgical tape is normally used to begin the process of expanding the skin, keeping it pulled taut in order to develop enough new tissue to move on to other tools that work a little faster and can be more comfortable to use than the tape.

Weights are often attached for extended periods of time on a daily basis to "re-grow" the skin. Elastic straps can also be utilized, although both of these methods will likely require the continued use of surgical tape to keep the devices in place.

One popular technique for using elastic weights is the t-tape method, a process that involves strapping the newly stretched "foreskin" to the legs or torso in an effort to speed up the restoration procedure.

There are also many devices that have been developed with this purpose in mind and that are designed to stretch the skin without sticking to it or gripping it uncomfortably. These tools are available commercially and include the Dual Tension Restorer, the ForeSkin Natural Restorer and the TLC Tugger, but there are countless other products available.

The prescribed length of time that any method will need to be used will vary, dependent on a number of factors. The system that is used will play a large part, but things like how much skin is available to begin with and the desired length of the foreskin matters as well.

Some techniques will suggest modest stretching for hours a day, while some will require more intense stretching but only for a few minutes. It's important to research a method thoroughly before putting it to practice. Stretching the skin too fast can result in injury, damage to the tissue and poor overall results.

Foreskin restoration doesn't have to be an expensive or invasive process. By looking to the natural methods for regenerating the foreskin, many men can happily regain their confidence in this area without ever having to go under a surgeons knife.

DreamPenisGuide has a step by step exercise program for helping you to gently restore your foreskin, the safe and natural way.

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