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Do Enlargement Pills Work?
Can They Really Increase Your Penis Size?

Most men are interested in making their penis larger, even if their partners don't have a problem with their current size. On the quest for penis enhancement, the first method men usually come across are pills. This leaves many to wonder whether penis enlargement pills can really provide the results that they claim.

The tv often airs many commercials that encourage men to use pills, and exclaim that they may even double their current length and girth. These ads feature beautiful women that say a longer and thicker penis is all it takes to make them want you, but is it safe to believe any of this?

The short answer is no.

Most enlargement pills contain mixtures of herbs which will cause absolutely no effect on the size of the penis. This isn't to say they're completely useless though, because many will provide an increase in blood flow, which can make some notable differences in performance.

However, this isn't the kind of result you were spending your money for, and sexual performance enhancement is something that could be accomplished much easier, but without all the costs.

Now that we've confirmed your suspicions about penis enlargement pills, I'm sure you're also contemplating the results of penis surgery. While this can be somewhat effective, it often doesn't provide the type of growth men are seeking.

Typically, you will only gain one inch or less during any type of penis enlargement surgery, and the difference won't be very noticeable while erect.

This is because most surgery involves snipping ligaments, making the penis hang lower. Though once the tissues of the penis engorge with blood, it will slide back to it's previous position until flaccid again. To top it all off it can cost thousands and you are risking the chance of nerve damage and impotence.

So, what can you do about the size of your penis? Well, the most obvious solution that men don't want to hear is just learning to live with what they already have. The size of the average male penis measures 3-4 inches when soft and flaccid, and 5-7 inches when fully erect.

Penile Length Exercises Can Increase Your Size

Even if you are on the smaller side of 5 inches, penile exercising can help permanently boost your size to the 6-7 inch mark if you train long enough. It's worth noting that women place more emphasis on penile girth, so a natural penis exercise program can help you to achieve both a thicker and longer penis which suits your needs.

If you just want the illusion of something bigger to fulfill your own needs, then doctors suggest losing weight. If your health isn't an issue then you may be encouraged to see a therapist.

Some women will say that a man's penis size is a measurement that rarely holds any value, sexual or otherwise. But from a man's point of view, it often can hold significant importance. Remember, if you're unhappy with the size of your penis, you do have a choice, you can make it bigger.

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