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DIY Penis Stretching Exercises You Can Do At Home

Lengthening the penis is not an original concept. Virtually every male at some point in his life, has wished for a way to increase his penis size and sexual performance. Lots of methods and techniques have been developed over the years to assist men, in this personal of endeavours. We've listed a few well known methods of enlargement you can try at home.

Ligament Stretching Exercises

Manual penis stretching exercises are considered by many, to be the safe and all natural way to increase the length and thickness of your penis. These techniques have been in use for many hundreds of years with the use of weights. Although these exercises are all done manually by hand, they mimic the tractive effects of weights but without the risks associated with hanging.

It should be noted that good results are dependent on the exercises being done correctly. Over time, the cavities in the penis can store more blood to help the penis expand in size, leading to a larger flaccid and erect penis.

The Jelq is a commonly used exercise for expanding girth. It works by trapping blood at the base of the penis and moving the blood towards the glans. When the head of the penis is reached, you take the other hand and follow the same motion. By repeatedly performing this technique for several weeks or months, your erections can grow larger. However, for optimal results you will need to combine different stretching exercises together.

Penis Weight Hanging

A very old technique for remodelling the shape and size of your penis involves the use of weights. Penis enlargement hanging devices can be either made at home using materials found around the house, DIY style. Or you can buy the hanger of your choice online. Choosing the right hanger for stretching your penis longer, can ultimately make all the difference to your results. It's wise to remember that with even the best hanger on the market, it will still take a few months to see fairly decent results.

The device should ideally attach itself to the 'shaft' of the penis and not the head, and should be allowed to “hang” for the allotted time each day. This action eventually causes the ligaments and blood holding chambers to gradually stretch, making it possible for the penis to hold more blood and so giving you bigger erections. While this method of enlargement has the power to build up your size, it also has the power to cause nerve damage and other problems.

The fact is most methods of penis enlargement carry some risk to the health of your penis. Though many of these dangers can be avoided by increasing your knowledge of how they work and by not rushing things. The weight should never be too heavy for beginners, and you should never feel pain.

There should be no shame or embarrassment about wanting to enlarge your penis. Anything you can do which improves your confidence in the bedroom is a good thing. This is why so many products now exist to help you achieve this goal. But remember, successful enhancement doesn't have to involve buying expensive equipment, pills, or creams.

With access to the right information, permanently bigger and stronger erections can be yours to enjoy for a lifetime.

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