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Average Erect Penis Size - Discover the Facts

average penis size

Lots of men have probably found themselves wondering how their penis size compares to other men's their own age.

It's also likely that a tape measure or ruler has been used at some point in their lives to measure their penis.

Is my penis considered small? average? large? or extra large? And where do I fit in on the scale against others?

Before the internet arrived, it was hard to find answers to questions like these.

Changing rooms would've provided most males their first glimpse of another penis besides their own. We would see how we measured up and compared to others in the penis size department.

There have been many survey's over the years to discover what the average penis size is.

One of the best known surveys was conducted by the Kinsey Institute for sexual health.

This penis size survey used over 3600 college males aged 18+, who self measured their own erections. The graphs below show the results of this survey.

A large independent 2007 survey held in the UK, found that 76% of the men who were measured had an average size between 5.7" - 6.25".

The figures from many of the independent surveys fluctuate, incorrect measuring and exaggeration are often to blame.

Durex condoms launched its own survey with roughly 3000 participants. The average penis length was reported to be 6.4 inches and penis girth 5.2 inches.

Lifestyles Condoms performed a more recent study involving 7500 college students. One of the biggest penis size surveys to date. The size of the average penis measured was 5.9 inches x 5 inches.

penis graph

Kinsey chart

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